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GIGM.com was designed with the intention to change the transport system approach in Nigeria and make it very easy for users to book for trips online. We addressed user's problems like booking at their comfort without going to the bus terminals, getting first-hand updates of the route/time schedules, offering incentives for loyal users, offering pickup services for users that find it difficult to commute to the bus terminal on departure day and finally offering easy bus hire services.

The UX design team came up with lots of hypotheses on likely solutions for these problems with the help of gathering Qualitative data from our existing users. We asked about the user's everyday routine of traveling, their challenges and how they think it can get better. These data helped us design prototypes which were tested and we eventually got our solutions.

Our outcome included the following: Discounted Fare options, Easy-to-use booking widget, Clear Trip details, necessary news notification, Users travel history and Easy-to-use payment platforms.

Have you been wondering how best to arrange elements with flexbox? If you cant stand CSS Float hacks, then lets dive in and learn how to work with Flexbox. Let’s take note of two important elements that works with Flexbox properties; Flex Container and Flex Item.

Hello UX Designers. I’ll like to share a few tips I've learned over the course of my experience working as a UX designer. I’ll be discussing A/B testing, using data for designs, hypotheses and why customers are king.

The couponcooler.com on mobile experience is to address shoppers, people that search for deals, discounts and convenience. The online coupons will get our users better deals they might not find on the vendors site, also shoppers have a few option of vendors of their Interest as opposed to going from one site to the other, it will be a one stop shop for all.

The official mobile application of GIGM.com. We wanted a native app for both Android and IOS as we discovered the market possibilities from making bus reservations from the native app. Taking out the web distractions like inner pages (about us page and more), we needed to make this simple enough for users to download, search for preferred trip routes, pick departure date, choose bus type and pay online.

My first attempt using scss preprocessors, I developed this theme within a short time. (WIP)

A good visual designer came up with this psd and I couldn't help but develop it.

This microfinance bank just launched and needed a website to represent her brand. I had the opportunity to develop the UI while i was at Deefrent Agency


I am a User Experience & User-interface Designer. I design products thinking about how the users will experience these products. I pay constant attention to the needs of my users. My design process is identifying the problem, identify who is affected by this problem, brainstorm lots of possible ideas (including unrealistic ones; it sometimes helps to think insanely), prototype these ideas and test with the users which ideas work or not. It's my thing to always design applications that are user-friendly and saves the user about 30% of their time. Here, I wrote an article about how to help our users save 30% of their time on our applications. I talk about the importance of planning out a project even before writing a line of code. Over time, working with great teams has made me know the importance of good User research work. Thinking like the user, asking precise questions the user might have in mind and trying to answer these questions via consistent design. And yes about consistency, I prefer designing components from the beginning as against designing a whole inconsistent layout page.

Im an advocate for teaching kids how to code; Maybe because I'm a father of a beautiful baby girl. I take time out to coach kids from 4 - 10 years old in basic UX design and Javascript. I wrote an article about how teaching kids to code is such a big deal right now.

Im so grateful for all I've learned in the tech community and that's why I try to give back in my own way. I develop web theme a few times and share them for free. You can find one of my HTML free theme here.

I also enjoy writing markup codes with html5, css3, and Javascript. To see some of my accomplishments among other details, download my resume.

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